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Origin of Huxiang Culture

"Talent of the Kingdom of Chu in the past millennium trace their origin right to this Academy and the Hunan School of Thought in recent centuries challenges the sun in splendor and glory."

Huxiang Culture is a treasure in traditional Chinese culture. As a regional culture, it is not only the lifeblood of the Hunanese, but also of this One-Thousand-Year-Old Institution. Its marrow lies in the relief of the people through education, the administration of the country through the application of knowledge, the emphasis on practice and practical efforts, great concern for the country and its people, and the courage to break new grounds. As the birth place and the development ground of Huxiang Culture, the thousand-year-old institute has been richly and exceptionally nurtured while consistently transmitting and innovating the beautiful Huxiang Culture.

"The Neo-Confucianism spread to the South finds its origin in the Hunan School of Thought, and the Yangtze River gushing to the east is but a tiny wave of the Xiang River". Yuelu Academy, which was founded and developed at the background of the development of Huxiang Culture, is a crystallization of the pith of Huxiang Culture. The shaping and development of Huxiang Culture always drew support from academic innovation, educational efforts and cultural spread from the Yuelu Academy. That's why generations of Hunanese respect this Academy as their spiritual sanctuary.

It is now very difficult to find an institution of higher learning at home or abroad which could have fully absorbed, created and transmitted any Culture and traditions of the past the way Hunan University has done and continues to do. In a sense, the full expression of the educational, research and social service functions of Hunan University can be traced back to this legacy.