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Former Residence of Jia Yi


As one of the oldest relics of Changsha, the Former Residence of Jia Yi has the longest history among the former residences of the Chinese celebrities and is located in Taifu Lane, Taiping Street, Tianxin District of Changsha City.

Jia Yi (200BC-168BC) is a famous statesman and writer in West Han Dynasty in ancient China. He was once a counselor of Emperor Han Wen. Because he offended the dignitaries, Jia Yi was demoted to be Grand Preceptor (an ancient official title) of the Changsha King. While in Changsha Jia Yi spent three gloomy and lonely years here and composed many excellent works, he was called "Jia Changsha". Jia Yi and Qu Yuan are often mentioned in the same breath and jointly called "Qu Jia" as they two are intelligent but encountering lots of adversities, and both were banished to Changsha.

For more than 2,000 years, the former residence has been built and ruined successively. And now the Former Residence of Jiayi consists of Jia Taifu Memorial Temple, Taifu Hall, Xunqiu Thatched House, Ancient Stele Pavilion, Wall Inscriptions and Changhuai Well which is now the only well-preserved site in the  residence.

Today visitors here always linger in front of a famous couplet in front of the well, showing their respect for the great writer. The couplet reads: Only the old well knows the vicissitudes of life as time goes on; what is constant is the endless love of Changsha people for Jia Yi.

Admission (for reference): Free of charge now (necessary identification documents required such as the ID card or passport )

Transport: Bus Nos. 2, 108 and 143

Tel: (86)731-85155379