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Taiping Historical and Cultural Block


Taiping Historical and Cultural Block, situated in Tianxin District of Changsha city, boast the most completely preserved streets from the ancient Changsha. The block is 380 m in length and covers an area of 12 hectares. The block neighbors Wuyi Main Road in the north, West Liberation Road in the south, Sanxing Street and Santai Street in the east and Weiguo Street in the west. It is the most significant part of West Gate historical and cultural area, which serves as one of the 5 historical and cultural areas in Changsha. Its street pattern and space texture have been well preserved over the past 2 centuries with its name still in use. The block is a true reflection of Changsha's traditional style and regional features during the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. Taiping in Chinese means peace and prosperity of the country and the Block therefore gain its name.

The renovated Taiping Block officially opened to the public on November 11th, 2007. The Block has not only kept cultural relics and historical remains, such as Former Residence of Jia Yi, Changhuai(Long-Cherish)Well, old site of Progressive Society in the Revolution of 1911 and so on, but also injected vigor and vitality to such time-honored brands as Qianyisheng grain depot, Tongtingchun Teahouse and Yinchunyuan Teahouse.

There are altogether 87 shops along the main street of the block, with an area of approximately 30,000㎡. Those stores are famous for the time-honored stores, calligraphy and painting, antique collectible, folk handicraft, cultural and leisure industry and tourist souvenirs, which have attracted a number of noted calligraphers, painters as well as artists in seal cutting and facial makeup to establish offices here. A group of artists in Hunan Opera have put on outstanding performances in Yinchunyuan. Here you will marvel at Chinese Red with strong Hunan characteristics, Hunan embroideries, national Porcelain and baldachin. The exquisite stone arches, time-honored traditional folk houses, charming ancient stages and rows upon rows of stores all contribute to the atmosphere of urban life, showing us a picture of booming business, folk customs and features of Hunan Culture.

Ticket Price: Admission Free (Relative documents such as ID card are required)

Opening Time: 24/7 (all days) for tourists all over the world

Address: Taiping Historical and Cultural Block, Tianxin District, Changsha

Transport: 4.6 km away from the railway station. Bus No.6, No.109, No.145, No.128, No.312, No.314, Lishan bus or Bus No.12 can take passengers directly there. Passengers who take Bus No.301 please get off at the Intersection of West Liberation Road.

Performances: Various kinds of cultural and tourists activities will be held irregularly

Contact: Tan Yali

Tel: 0731-85818591