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Bus-Taking Regulations in Changsha

 Article 1 Passengers should abide by the following bus-taking regulations:

1. Wait in a queue at the platform or some designated cite, and you are not allowed to wait or block a bus on the carriageway. After the bus fully stops, let the people off before getting on one after another. Do not jam the door after getting on. Getting on or off through the windows is strictly prohibited; getting on or off at non-bus stop sites is also strictly prohibited.

2. In automated collection buses, get on through the front door and get off from the back door.

3. Being on the bus, pay attention to your safety, hold the grab rail and do not extend any part of your body out of the bus.

4. When the bus is running, you must not get into the cab or any other place that might hinder safe driving. Do not sit on the engine hood.

5. No smoking on the bus, no spitting or littering inside or outside the bus.

6. When the bus is out of order, you should follow the arrangement of the crew members or transfer to other buses.

Article 2 Passengers should abide by the following ticket regulations:

1. After getting on, you should buy tickets or punch the card in accordance with the regulations, and accept the ticket checking by crew members or inspectors when required to do so.

2. When taking an automatic collection bus, you should prepare changes by yourselves and drop coins or paper money consciously to the cashbox. Then get a ticket according to your dropping money and keep it until you get off in case of ticket checking. The driver will not give changes; nobody can collect money from passengers in the bus.

3. No ticket or waste ticket is prohibited when taking a bus, taking a bus exceeding distance that the ticket deserves is prohibited.

4. Children with the height of 1.2 meters or taller should buy tickets to take a bus.

5. Passengers can take goods with the weight of or less than 15 kg or goods of which the length, width and height plus together do not surpass 1.3 meters with him for free.

6. Tickets sold cannot be returned, since it is valid for once. But when the breakdown happens, the crew members arrange you to transfer to another bus, your ticket is still valid. In this case, the IC card holder should show his or her IC card to the crew members.

7. When the automotive machine does not work, passengers should buy tickets according to the regulations. When riding on the automatic collection buses, passengers should drop money consciously.

Article 3 Passengers should properly take care of their goods and not cause any hindrance to other passengers. If the goods are damaged because of their own reasons, they take their own risks. Dangerous cargo such as combustible, explosive, corrosive material, poisonous and radioactive material, and any other plants, animals or materials that hinder passengers’ safety and health are strictly prevented from entering the bus.

                                                                                      Bureau of Public Utilities of Changsha