Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current eventsMore>

In recent years, the blooming of Model United Nations across China has proven that it plays an important role in developing an international horizons and cultivating young leaders. More and more MUN organizations get into stride,


As one of the associations which have great enthusiasm in global affairs, Association of International Relations has long dedicated itself to popularize MUN. Up to now, we have held 7 conferences, including 3 Hunan University Model United Nations Conferences which have laid solid foundation for the coming session. We firmly believe that our professional Model United Nation team will bring you an unforgettable memory in this university as well as your University life.


The supreme leader of the Model UN conference who in charge of the secretariat and dais…


Representing an UN Member State, an observer or an international organization, delegate…


Chairperson is a member of the dais who is responsible for moderating debate, timing,…


Topic: Survival, Development and Medical Protection of Children
Over the past 20 years, young child survival, development and protection are still critical problems in the world. Although child mortality has fallen by 35 percent, approximately 7.6 million children died under age five in 2010. As the awareness increased and technology improved, global community now has learned a great deal how to protect young children. They are under the risk of lack of medicine, such as antibiotics, vaccines; unsafe hygiene practice and nutrition. What’s more, complex global environment, including climate change and natural disasters; weapon and community violence have also caused obstacles to the children’s development in their early age. Based on the Charter of United Nations, this year’s General Assembly in 3rd committee aims at strengthening the international agreed development goal, especially Millennium Development Goal (MDG) goals...

In conference days, secretariat usually arranges a social event for participants to enjoy dancing, singing, magic shows and other activities and performances. Global Village is the most common form. Games are also pinup among MUNers because members can get to know each other through these funny activities and at the same time show their own features.


To be honest, we live in the world of acting. We act to be polite children when we face our parents, we act to be a diligent student when we are in school, and we act to be a leader consciously or unconsciously. While the Model United Nations provide us a platform to learn to “act” effectively on the world stage, especially for a leader. MUN helps me to keep self-confidence, to improve understanding of major international issues and, most importantly, to develop capacity for my leadership.

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