Jiang Changzhong

Jiang Changzhong, male, was born in May, 1962, in Gong’an County, Hubei Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1983, and entered the workforce the same year. He is now member of the CPC Hunan University Committee and its standing committee; Party secretary of the CPC Hunan University Committee; professor, and doctoral supervisor.


Sept. 1979 to July 1983: Studied in Department of Physics, Huazhong Institute of Technology (today’s HUST), and obtained his bachelor’s degree in science;

From July 1983: Teacher in Department of Physics, Wuhan University;

Sept. 1987 to July 1990: Studied in Department of Physics, Wuhan University, and obtained his master’s degree in science;

Sept. 1992 to Aug. 1993: Worked in Science and Technology Division of the Ministry of Education on secondment;

Oct. 1994 to Oct. 1996: Studied in the CSNSM in Orsay, France, on a government sponsorship;

Nov. 1996 to May 1999: Studied in Department of Materials Physics, Université Claude Bernard Lyon-1, and obtained his doctor’s degree in science;

May 1999: Engaged in teaching in School of Physics and Technology, Wuhan University;

Dec. 2000: Party secretary and vice dean of the School of Physics and Technology, Wuhan University;

Jan. 2004: Director of the Department of Science and Technology, Wuhan University;

July 2004: Member of the 7th CPC Wuhan University Committee;

June 2007: Assistant President of Wuhan University;

June 2009: Member of the CPC Wuhan University Committee, vice president;

June 2012: Deputy Secretary of the CPC Wuhan University Committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission;

Jan. 2014 to Dec. 2015: Took a temporary post of member of the CPC Jiangjin District Committee, and deputy head of Jiangjin District, Chongqing Municipality;

Jan. 2016 to present: Party Secretary of the CPC Hunan University Committee.


Jiang has been devoted to material surface modification by ion beams, functional film material preparation, and preparation of magnetic functional nanomaterials. He has published over 100 papers on SCI journals such as Physical Review Letters (PRL) and Applied Physics Letters (APL), and has taken charge of seven projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, one national 863 project, six research projects supported by the Ministry of Education, and several projects at provincial and municipal level and for horizontal cooperation.

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