Faculty of Hunan University

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the faculty of Hunan University has witnessed enormous improvement in its structure and a substantial increase in its number of outstanding talents, becoming a highly-qualified teaching group of abundant vigor.

The university has more than 1940 full-time faculty members. The total number of full and associate professors exceeds 1200. Sixty-seven point five percent of the teachers boast doctoral degrees and 23.6% master degrees. Thirty-three percent have been abroad for over one year for research and study, and 72% are under the age of 45.

Among the faculty members of the university, there are currently 4 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Academy of Engineering, 7 invited-members of both Chinese Academies of Sciences and Engineering, 5 members of the state’s Thousands Talents Program by the Organization Department of the Central Committee, 4 awardees of the National Distinguished Teacher Award, 21 Cheongkong Scholars, 13 gaining the financial support from the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 5 members of the Academic Degree Commission under the State Council, 21 national candidates of the New Century BaiQianWan Talent Project, 12 Lotus Scholars of Hunan Province, 71 New Century Excellent Talents in support programs of the Ministry of Education, and 178 Council Experts for Special Allowance. Moreover, there are 7 innovative teams supported by Program for Cheongkong Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University, and 5 National-level Teaching Groups.

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