Alumni Association of Hunan University

About Us

Founded in 1986, the Alumni Association of Hunan University is a corporate organization chartered by the Civil Affairs Department of Hunan Province. It is an executive member of the Alumni Affairs Research Branch of the Chinese Association of Higher Education (CAHE). The operational secretariat is located in the Yuelu Academy.

Our Goal

To serve the alumni, the university and the society

Our Mission

 We connect alumni at home and abroad to Hunan University and to each other, and provide valuable services for the bonding, cooperation, academic exchange and mutual development between the university and all of its alumni;

 We guide the local and oversea branches so that they can perform their duties more vigilantly and establish communication channels between them for mutual growth and development;

We receive alumni returning for various commemorative activities and organize reunion programs with elaborate organization and thoughtful services;

 We instruct the development and election of the volunteer association for alumni affairs, and train the volunteers;

 We engage alumni in promoting the growth and advancement of Hunan University, and in providing the current students with assistance in terms of internship and employment opportunities;

 We are also actively involved with the various financial assistance programs in the form of alumni funded scholarships;

 We organize and conduct scheduled "Visiting Alumni" programs during summer vacations to network current students and alumni, which results in students' personal growth and overall development;

 We edit and publish the magazine People of Hunan University to publicize achievements of distinguished alumni and enhance the prestige and social influence of Hunan University.

  • Address: Lushan Road (S), Yuelu District,

  • Changsha, Hunan Province

  • Zip Code: 410082

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