Programs Open to Foreign Applicants

4-Year Undergraduate Program:A diploma and a bachelor’ degree are awarded upon the completion of all required courses and successful thesis-defense .

3-Year Master Program:A diploma and a master’s degree are awarded after the acquisition of full credits and successful thesis- defense. Courses are instructed in both English (international class) and Chinese.

3-Year Doctoral Program:A diploma and a doctoral degree are awarded after the acquisition of full credits and success in both research work and dissertation defense.

General Advanced Study:A certificate will be awarded upon the completion of designated undergraduate courses.

Senior Advanced Study:The applicants, holders of a master degree or above, do research or take courses under the instruction of their supervisors for a period of one year or longer, depending on the actual situation. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the period.

Chinese Language Courses:A certificate of completion is awarded upon the successful completion of Chinese language course study.

Chinese Culture Courses:Courses are tailor-made for groups or individuals intending to stay in China for a short period of time either to learn Chinese culture or to have field practice. The subjects involved are Chinese history, culture, language, politics, economics, law, environment, etc. The languages of instruction are Chinese, English, Japanese, and so on. These courses aim at exposing the students to Chinese history, culture and the current situations of China.

Short-term Classes on Huxiang Culture:1-week to 8-week programs which expose students to Huxiang Culture enable them to learn basic Chinese, to experience the profound Huxiang Culture and to enjoy the pleasure to study together with Chinese students. Outdoor activities and visits are arranged besides indoor classes.

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