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Yuelu Academy Holds Symposium to Mark “Zhu Xi-Zhang Shi Academic Debates”

A grand symposium to mark the 850th anniversary of “Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi’s Academic Debates” was launched on November 4, 2017. More than 70 American, Germany, Japanese, and Chinese (including Taiwanese) scholars and experts attended.

Hunan University President Duan Xianzhong, Dean of Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning and Chairman of the China Philosophy History Association Chen Lai, East China Normal University Prof. Zhu Jieren, and Yuelu Academy former dean Chen Gujia, addressed the opening ceremony.

Yuelu Academy Dean Xiao Yongming presided over the symposium.

Opening ceremony

850 years ago, Zhu Xi, a famous Confucian scholar and the most influential rationalist Neo-Confucian in China, traveled from Fujian to Changsha with his disciples. He lectured and debated with Zhang Shi, the then main instructor of Yuelu Academy, for over two months. This marked a start of academic debates between different schools in the Chinese academy history, and has significant influence in Chinese academic history.

In the forms of academic report and panel discussion, more than 70 experts and scholars exchanged views on six topics concerning the origin and evolution of Confucian school’s debate tradition; academy lectures and the Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming dynasties; Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi’s debates and communications; Huxiang school; academy institution; and study on Zhi Xi and Zhang Shi’s thoughts.

HNU President Duan Xianzhong addresses the symposium.

Prof. Chen Lai delivers a speech.

Prof. Zhu Jieren delivers a speech.

Dean of Yuelu Academy Xiao Yongming presides over the symposium.

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