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MIT Professor Gives Lecture in HNU

On March 9, Prof. Nicholas Xuanlai Fang from Massachusetts Institute of Technology was invited to give a lecture titled “Architectured Metamaterials:From Tunable Thermal Expansion to Vascular Tissue Scaffolding” in Hunan University (HNU). HNU President Duan Xianzhong, together with more than 200 teachers and students attended.

Prof. Fang presented the development of three-dimensional micro/nanofabrication technique, projection microstereolithography (PuSL), to enable design and exploration of digitally coded multifunctional and multimaterial lightweight metastructures at unprecedented dimensions. The ultra-high resolution and multi-material capabilities of the 3D printing system and the modeling tools developed can be used to design and fabricate architected materials for combined functions, including energy absorption, actuation/morphing, and micro-scale bioreactors for tissue engineering. Such micro- and nanoscale metamaterials are desirable for a broad array of applications such as micro electro mechanical system, biomedicine, tissue engineering, and microsensor.

Later on, Prof. Fang visited State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacturing for Vehicle Body and Micro- and Nanoscale Fabrication Processing Laboratory.

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