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HNU to Cooperate with Osaka University

HNU and Osaka University recently agreed to establish cooperative relationship in academic exchange, scientific and technological collaboration, and student visits.

This agreement marks HNU Division of International Programs’ success in exploring international resources through colleges and professors, and collaborating with the world’s top 100 universities. An inter-university cooperation MoU, and a student visits agreement are included. According the agreement, the two universities will exchange outstanding undergraduates and postgraduates, who are engaged in the collaborative disciplines and fields, for a three-month or longer visit. The visiting students will have one-to-one supervisor, and take courses to earn credits.

HNU has signed cooperation agreements and projects with 63 well-known universities. In 2019, it will focus on these aspects: promoting international educational programs; developing channels and platforms for students and teachers’ visits worldwide; innovating form and content of overseas training programs; and, facilitating the programs of graduation design abroad, international internship and employment, and summer courses in prominent universities.

Osaka University is one of Japan's Seven National Universities and is generally considered one of Japan's most prestigious institutions of higher learning. It is ranked third overall among Japanese universities and 67th worldwide in the 2019 QS World University Rankings. Osaka University boasts strong education and research strength, supported by its complete disciplines and superior facilities. Its engineering and medical science programs have made remarkable contributions to Japan and the world’s economic development and scientific progress. Recently, Prof. Nobuaki Kambe, former president of Osaka University, joined HNU as a distinguished foreign professor. The agreement between the two universities will benefit HNU in deepening cooperation with Japanese universities, and raising HNU’s international profile.

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