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HNU Designers Participate in Spacesuit Design for Tianzhou 2

Tianzhou 2, a cargo spacecraft, blasted off from the WenchangSpace Launch Center in Hainan province, on May 29, anddocked with Tianhe-the recently deployed core module of the country's permanent space station – early the next day morning.

Luo Jianping and his smart equipment research team from HNU School of Design undertook the task of industrial design of the new-generation spacesuit “Fei Tian”. They were in charge of the design of the appearance and the human-spacesuit interactive system, and participated in the spacesuit research, development, and testing.

The “Fei Tian” spacesuit designed by HNU School of Design.

Zhao Yahui (R), Party secretary of HNU School of Design, and Assistant Professor Luo Jianping (L), watch the launching of rocket at the Wenchang Space Launch Center on invitation.

Spacesuit technology is key to manned space program, and also symbolizes a country’s strength in manned space engineering. There are only three countries – China, U.S.A, and Russia which master spacesuit design and development technologies.

HNU designers made use of industrial design into spacesuit development, to make the suit easier to use, more comfortable, and featured a hi-tech and cultural vibe. They integrated aesthetics and user-friendly factors into the design, which demonstrates a perfect combination of China’s advanced spacesuit technology and the space dream of human being.

HNU School of Design focuses on cutting-edge science and technology and national demands, and aims at the strategic goal of cultivating innovative personnel in smart equipment and space product design. It has collaborated with aerospace research institutions and established a HNU Aerospace Product Joint Design Center, to support cultivation of new-generation high-level aerospace designers.

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