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Outcomes of Talent Training for Digital Collection & Interactive Experience Design of Arts and Crafts Exhibited at HNU

An exhibition of the outcomes of the 2023 Talent Training for Digital Collection and Interactive Experience Design of Arts and Crafts opened at the Key Laboratory of Digital Culture Creativity and Smart Design Technology Laboratory in HNU on September 6. The training was organized by the HNU School of Design and supported by the China National Arts Fund (CNAF). Trainees from universities and enterprises nationwide gathered to discuss the empowerment of digital technology to the development of culture creativity industry. The training program focused on three categories of arts and crafts – weaving, ceramics, and wood and stone carving. Thirty candidates from 17 provinces stood out from 200 applicants and finally obtained access to the training.

Experts in arts and crafts, intelligent design, big data, and related fields gave interdisciplinary lectures, including arts and crafts study, user experience (UE) research, visualized analysis, computer vision, intelligent interaction technology, big data processing and edge computing. The trainees conducted study tours at cultural institutions such as Hunan Museum, Hunan Embroidery Museum, Tongguan Kiln Museum, and Liling Porcelain Museum, and held talks with inheritors of Dong brocade and Fenghuang paper crafts, and other folk craftsmen.

The trainees focused on studying various traditional cultural resources, such as Jingdezhen exported porcelain, Makou kiln, Nixing pottery, Dongyang wood carving, Yaozhou kiln, costumes in the Northern Song Dynasty, Huayao cross-stitch, Dong paper-cutting, and Liling underglaze porcelain. They applied their findings to the creations and practices on digital collection of cultural relics, construction of a big data platform, intelligent generation and application, visualization and interactive image creation, art installations and experiential design. Finally, 16 works of the trainees, including six big data platforms, eight interactive design and products, and two film and television programmes were displayed at the exhibition.

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