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HNU Breaks Ground on Kechuanggang Campus

On the afternoon of December 22, the groundbreaking ceremony of the HNU Kechuanggang Campus, or Sci-tech Innovation Port Campus, was held in the Xiangjiang Science Town, Changsha.

HNU leaders Deng Wei, Duan Xianzhong, Cao Shengyuan, Xie Chi, Jiang Jianhui, Wang Weibin, Li Kenli, Tang Zhenming, and Chen Renpeng, as well as Assistant to the President Lv Yong, and Deputy Director of the University Affairs Committee Liu Zeliang attended the ceremony.

At the event, Deng Wei, secretary of the CPC HNU Committee, announced the official commencement of the construction of the new campus.President Duan Xianzhong delivered a speech at the ceremony. Vice President Xie Chi presided over the ceremony. Vice President Wang Weibin gave an overview of the new campus construction. All HNU leaders and assistant principal laid the foundation stone together.

On behalf of HNU, President Duan Xianzhong expressed his gratitude to the people from all walks of life who have long been concerned about and supported the development of HNU and its new campus construction. He said that the construction of the Kechuanggang Campus is a crucial initiative for the university to implement the spirit of Chinese President Xi Jinping's important speeches during his visit to HNU. This initiative aims to accelerate the development of HNU into a world-class universitywith Chinese characteristics and rich in historical and cultural heritage. The new campus is a major step for the university in implementing the provincial blueprint of the "Three Hubs and Four New Missions", moving the university further towards becoming a global research and development center. The construction of the Kechuanggang Campus is part of the strong drive to develop HNU.

The Kechuanggang Campus is an important engine for HNU in its service to Hunan Province, helping the university to play a major leading role in provincial development. HNU will increase its enrollment in Hunan by more than 1,000 students, and will strive to cultivate more urgently-needed personnel for the construction of a modernized new Hunan. HNU will focus on the needs of Hunan's industrial development and take the lead in building the Yuelu Mountain Industrial Innovation Center, to become an important partner with Hunan in industrial development, serving as an important accelerator for Hunan's industrial upgrade. HNU will build a community of industry-education-research cooperation and cultivate and incubate a number of high-tech and unicorn enterprises, in order to play a key role in the high-quality development of Hunan Province. HNU is building the Kechuanggang Campus as a new “calling card” for the university and a new landmark of Hunan Province, making new and greater contributions toChinese modernization and the realization of the blueprint of "Three Hubs and Four New Missions", building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and rich in historical and cultural heritage.

The Kechuanggang Campus of HNU is situated in the Xiangjiang Science Town, 18 kilometers away from the main campus and can be reached by subway. With completed infrastructure, the campus will cover a total area of about 1,600 mu (106.7 hectares). It will be put into operation in September 2026, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the naming of HNU.

Relying on its superior disciplines, emerging disciplines and inter-disciplinary programs, and focusing on the key disciplines for future development, HNU is rolling out plans for "major scientific devices", "technological research platforms", and a "cutting-edge inter-disciplinary college" on the Kechuanggang Campus, in order to build a new sci-tech hub with core competitiveness.


HNU leaders and the assistant principal lay the foundation stone.


Deng Wei, secretary of the CPC HNU Committee, announces the groundbreaking of the Kechuanggang Campus.


President Duan Xianzhong delivers a speech at the ceremony.


Vice President Xie Chi presides over the ceremony.


Vice President Wang Weibin introduces the Kechuanggang Campus.



The groundbreaking ceremony.


The future Kechuanggang Campus.

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