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Emblem of Hunan University


Design Time: May, 1986

Designer: Wang Xiaobo

Design Description: The emblem of Hunan University was specially designed to commemorate the 1010th anniversary of the birth of Yuelu Academy and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hunan University's official naming.

The emblem was designed with the front door of Yuelu Academy (founded in A.D. 976) at the center and the luxuriant Yuelu Mountain as the background, symbolizing that Hunan University, a "1000-Year-Old Institution", boasts top-quality education and research for a long history.

Above the central circle are the four Chinese characters HU NAN DA XUE (meaning "Hunan University"), which is the copy of Chairman Mao's handwriting; and beneath the circle are the English words for Hunan University.

The two figures "976" and "1926" on the ribbon below respectively represent the time for the birth of Yuelu Academy and the official naming of Hunan University. There are altogether 14 maple leaves on both sides of the outer circle, representing the 14 departments of Hunan University in 1986 when the emblem was designed.

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