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An Overview of International Cooperative Education at Hunan University

Hunan University has been engaged in international cooperative education since 1998, and has won widespread acclaim. The joint international education has been honorably listed among "China's Top 10" for four consecutive years, and highly praised by the Ministry of Education for living up to its reputation as a top program.

Hunan University has developed 18 co-educational programs for its undergraduate students in partnership with 12 universities in 7 countries, all of which are accredited by Chinese Ministry of Education. These universities include the University of Regina, Concordia University, and Simon Fraser University in Canada; London South Bank University and Middlesex University in Britain; University of Canberra and Edith Cowan University in Australia; Michigan Technological University and Auburn Montgomery in the United States; Université Bordeaux in France; and Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Germany.

In order to expand international cooperation and provide students with more options, Hunan University is currently committing itself to promoting international exchanges with additional universities from around the world, including Virginia Tech and California State University in America; Hanze University Groningen in Holland; University of Dundee, the University of Northampton, University of Worcester in Britain; and the University of Western Australia in Australia.

With the backing of the College of International Studies, Hunan University's international cooperation programs have fully utilized the university's teaching resources. The programs boast an excellent faculty of 80 teachers, some of whom are senior professors and doctoral supervisors. Among them, 60% hold a doctorate degree; 63% are or rank above associate professors while professors (including doctoral supervisors) account for 14%. The programs possess outstanding foreign language teachers, many of whom with rich experience.

Hunan University's international cooperative education ranks among the best in China. The quality and conditions of the programs, offering excellent facilities for teaching – teaching buildings housing advanced computer laboratories, language labs, multimedia classrooms, multi-functional lecture halls, and reference rooms – are second to none. A Sino-Canada ESL Testing Center and a European Language Center are also housed at the university. All classrooms even come equipped with fingerprint checking attendance systems. The quality and conditions of international education at Hunan University are already ranking among the top in the country.

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