Application Procedures

Step 1-Submit Application Documents

Download application form for foreign students and complete it, then send the application form and other required documents by post, fax or E-mail direct to the Admissions Office before application deadline.

Step 2-Pay the Application Fee

Pay Application fee of a university, then the university will deal with your application in a few days, please note that application fee is unrefoundable

Step 3-Qualification Verification

It takes few days for the university toverify your application documents. Usually, qualification verification for the language program applicants usually is faster than the degree program ones

Step 5-Admission Notice

The university will send out admission letter and JW202 in several days after the documents verification. So, be sure about the postal address filled in the application form is correct, and confirm the address with university teacher.

Step 6-Registration

Admitted students are required to be registered at university on schedule with the original copy of the admission documents

Note:Students should enroll in the university within the registration period(specified in the Admission Letter). Otherwise, one will be deprived of the student status. Exception can be made to those who has informed the school oftheir specific reasons and whose delay has been permitted.

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