International Forum of Marketing Science & Applications Opens in HNU

The 2017 International Forum of Marketing Science & Applications was launched at HNU on July 1. It was co-sponsored by the Management Science Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, HNU Business School, and Faculty of Business Administration of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Marketing scholars and entrepreneurs discussed “Marketing Science and Applications in the context of China’s new economy and ‘Internet Plus’ development”.


HNU Vice President Prof. Chen Shou, HNU Business School Dean and the National MBA Education Steering Committee member Prof. Ma Chaoqun, CUHK Faculty of Business Administration Marketing Department Director   Prof. Jia Jianmin addressed the opening ceremony. More than 600 teachers and students from domestic universities participated. HNU Business School Deputy Dean Prof. Yang Zhi presided over the opening ceremony.



The two-day forum integrated marketing science and entrepreneurship, being influential around the country. Twenty one marketing scholars made keynote reports, including Prof. Chris Hsee from University of Chicago, Prof. Angela Y. Lee from Northwestern University of US, Prof. John Zhang from University of Pennsylvania, Prof. Xie Jinhong from University of Florida , Prof. Zhang Ying from Peking University, Prof. Chen Yubo from Tsinghua University, and Prof. Guo Liang from CUHK.  Enterprise representatives, such as managers from Aier Ophthalmology Group, Mango Media, and Dahan Holding Group, delivered speeches. These entrepreneurs discussed with Huatian Industrial Holding Group manager on “Marketing in New Economic Era”.



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