Youth Poetry Congress Offline Contest Kicks off at HNU

The 2017 Youth Poetry Congress offline contest was launched at Yuelu Academy on June 11, 2017.

During the following 14 qualification rounds, students from more than 300 Changsha primary and middle schools will compete with the previous online contest winners.





At the launching ceremony, 150 poetry amateurs got together at Yuelu Academy to appreciate Chinese classic poetry. Pupils from Wangjiachong Primary School, Bocai Xianjia Primary School, and college students from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine staged brilliant performances, such as poem reciting, dances, and Hanfu shows. The audience was impressed by the Chinese classical poetry charm.

The Youth Poetry Congress is initiated by Changsha Education Bureau, Changsha Citizenship Office, and Launched on April 10, the online contest has attracted 800,000 contestants from all Hunan’s primary and middle schools, and even all walks of life.

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