HNU Professor Contributes to Solve Moser–Trudinger Type Inequalities Conjecture

Prof. Gui Changfeng from HNU Mathematics Research Institution cooperated with his peers to complete the paper "The sphere covering inequality and its applications". The paper was published online by theInventiones Mathematicae, a world top mathematics journal. It is HNU's second published paper on the world’s top-four mathematics journals, after the other one published on Acta Mathematica in 2016.

This paper provides solutions to the conjecture of the best constant for the Moser-Trudinger type inequalities raised by Sun-Yung Alice Chang in 1987.

Prof. Gui has been long committed to partial differential equation study, and published more than 50 papers on international first-class mathematics journals, including the top ones such asAnnals of MathematicsandInventiones Mathematicae. He received prestigious titles of Changjiang Distinguished Professor from the Ministry of Education in 2007, and has been a Chinese "Thousand Talents" expert since 2011.

Inventiones Mathematicaeis one of the four most prestigious mathematics journals in the world, together withActa Mathematica,Annals of Mathematics, andJournal of the American Mathematical Society.

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