2021 Hunan University "Chinese Bridge" Online Winter Camp

About Hunan University

Hunan University (HNU) is situated at the foot of the picturesque Yuelu Mountain and on the west bank of the rippling Xiangjiang River in the historically and culturally renowned City of Changsha, capital of Hunan Province. It enjoys the title of an "Ancient Millenarian Academy, Famous Centennial University". As one of the most comprehensive key universities affiliated with the Ministry of Education, it has been included in the state's "Project 211" and "Project 985" for priority investment and construction, and the project of building world-class universities.

About the Camp

The 2021 Hunan University "Chinese Bridge" Online Winter Camp is mainly targeted at non-Chinese students withintermediate-level Chinese language proficiency or above. Chinese language and cultural courses featuring Hunan's history, culture, and development will be offered. Regional cultural elements such as the “Yuelu Academy”, “Huxiang culture”, “targeted poverty alleviation projects”, “Hunan modern and contemporary development”, and “Changsha’s community culture” are integrated into the courses. The event will enable Chinese language lovers from the globe to learn Chinese, and to experience Chinese cultures andsocial situation in their homes as well. It will present them apicture of a diversified and vibrant China.


January 21 to March 20, 2021

(The course has 34 lectures, including 12 on language, 12 on folk customs, and 10 on cultural lectures. The language and folk customs will be live streamed. The regional culture part will be pre-recorded.)

2. Schedule

Closing Ceremony: speeches by Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Hunan University and student representatives (live).

Date Time Course
2021.1.21 15:00-16:30 Camp Opening Ceremony and Beginners' Guide
2021.1.26 16:00-16:40 Cultural Experience Lesson 1: Calligraphy
2021.1.30 15:00-15:40 Cultural Experience lesson 2: Paper-cutting
2021.2.1 10:00-10:40 Chinese course 1: What should I prepare for going to Hunan?
2021.2.1 16:00-16:40 Cultural Experience Lesson 3: Huxiang Tea Culture
2021.2.2 10:00-10:40 Chinese course 2: I would like to eat Hunan specialties.
2021.2.2 16:00-16:40 Cultural Experience Lesson 4: Silk-wrapped Flowers Making
2021.2.3 10:00-10:40 Chinese course 3: How can I get to Juzizhou.
2021.2.3 15:00-15:40 Cultural Experience Lesson 5: Chinese Knots
2021.2.4 10:00-10:40 Chinese course 4: I would like to bring some gifts back home.
2021.2.5 10:00-10:40 Chinese course 5: Thank you for your hospitality.
2021.2.5 15:00-15:40 Cultural Experience Lesson 6: Five-step Boxing
2021.2.6 10:00-10:40 Chinese course 6: It's so convenient to take a taxi by mobile phone.
2021.3.3 10:00-10:40 Cultural Lecture 1: Changsha Community Culture
2021.3.5 10:00-10:40 Cultural Lecture 2: Yuelu Academy
2021.3.8 10:00-10:40 Cultural Lecture 3: "Hua Yao Hua" Cultural and Creative Industry Project of Hunan University
2021.3.10 10:00-10:20 Cultural Lecture 4: A Guide to Life in the Han Dynasty
2021.3.12 10:00-10:20 Culture Lecture 5: My Bronze Observation Diary
2021.3.15 10:00-10:40 Culture Lecture 6: Modern Development of Hunan
2021.3.20 15:00-16:00 Closing Ceremony

3. Eligibility

    a. Non-Native Chinese speakers, with a strong interest in Chinese and Chinese culture;

    b. Has intermediate Chinese Language proficiency or above;

    c. Current residence is not limited.

4. Application Procedures

Step 1: To access:


Or you can scan the QR code for registration and login

Step2Please add WeChat (ttcc1109) in time to join the WeChat Learning Group.

Deadline for application: 2021.1.31

5.Tuition Fee

Free of charge!!!

The camp is sponsored by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (CLEC) and organized by Hunan University (HNU).

6.What will you gain from the camp?

Chinese proficiency + Chinese culture + Friendship + Completion certificate of the Winter Camp

7. Qualification for applying for certificate and transcript

Those who meet the following conditions can apply for a certificate of completion and transcript issued by Hunan University:

1. Complete all courses online(34 lectures, including 13 on language, 12 on folk customs, and 10 on cultural lectures. Each lecture lasts 20 minutes);

2. We will send the certificate of completion and transcript issued by Hunan University to you via email or post.

8. Contact Information

International Winter Camp Team

Confucius Institute Office

Hunan University

Tel: 15717082330

Wechat: ttcc1109

Email: 815546459@qq.com

Address: No.1, Lushannan Road, Changsha 410082, P.R. China

Website: http://wsc.hnu.edu.cn/ 

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