"Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

"Chinese Bridge" --- Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students is an international Chinese proficiency competition organized by Hanban (Chinese Language Council International). Since 2002, 8 competitions have been successfully held. "Chinese Bridge" includes competitions in Chinese language proficiency, national conditions of Chinese and Chinese cultural skills. Competitors first have preliminary contests in their own countries, and the winners of each country are invited to China for the finals. 593 college students from more than 55 countries have been invited to take part in the finals, and the number of students taking part in the preliminary contests has totaled about 50,000.

Because of the success of 7th "Chinese Bridge" held in Changsha in 2008, Hanban has decided to grant Changsha the privilege to continue to host "Chinese Bridge", with the teachers of Chinese in Hunan University making the test papers and instructing the contestants.

And those winners of the preliminary contests, who couldn't take part in the finals, were sponsored by Hanban for the Visiting Camp of "Chinese Bridge" Program, which was organized successfully by Hunan University in 2009 with 201 participants from 58 countries and regions, and will continuously be hosted by Hunan University.

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