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Shu Xingping

College of Civil Engineering

Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel structure; Computing theory of high-level and high-rise steel structure design; property research of Spatial Steel-pipe Structure

Tel: 13973184658 0731-88822795 Fax: 0731-8642225 E-mail:

Gong guangcai

College of Civil Engineering

Heat-air Conditioning (architectural environment and equipments) Engineering; familiar with such relevant fields as Environmental Engineering, Water Supply and Sewerage, Energy-saving Technology, and Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

Tel: 0731-88823082

Cao Wengui

College of Civil Engineering

Geotechnical damage theory and constitutive relationship Data analysis method and application of geotechnical engineering Special soil foundation and treatment technology Tunnels and Underground Engineering Excavation and slope engineering

Tel: (0731) 88821659 (O) 13975807569 E-mail: cwglyp@21cn .com

Guo Yurong

Experimental method of anti-seismic structure, antiknock structure and remote cooperative structure ; Research on retaining and protecting for foundation excavation, and slope stability

Tel: 0731-88821500 88821395 E-mail:

Zhao Yueyu

Bridge and tunnel engineering; general mechanics

Tel: 0731-88822758 E-mail:

Zhao Minghua

He Yongjun

College of Civil Engineering

Theory and application research of steel structure and large span spatial structure R&D of New-type super-large-span structural system

Tel: 0731-88823567 13187057898 E-mail:

Hu Jianhua

Part-time Professor

Tel: 0731-84367888 13908467316 E-mail:

Shi Chuxian

College of Civil Engineering

Static and anti-seismic property of reinforced masonry structure and its application in high-rise building Basic theory and numerical simulation of modern masonry structure Analysis, testing, appraisal and stabilization technology of structural reliabi

Tel: 0731-88822515 E-mail:

Shi Zhou

College of Civil Engineering

teaching and research work on water supply and sewerage engineering (municipal engineering) and environmental engineering.

Tel: 0731-88821441, 88822564, 13508473192 E-mail:

Luo Qizhi

College of Civil Engineering

Bridge and tunnel engineering; structural engineering; traffic engineering


Luo Jianhui

College of Civil Engineering

Anti-seismic and wind-resistance design of large-span bridge; computing machanics and application

Tel: 0731-88821613 E-mail:

Yi Weijian

College of Civil Engineering

Structural and bridge engineering ; Anti-seismic engineering

Tel: 0731-88821532(O) 0731-88822467(H) E-mail:

Shang Shouping

College of Civil Engineering

New-type material and its application in structural stabilization; research on dynamic interaction between subsoil foundation and superstructure; computer-assited design of civil engineering and intelligentization study of decision

Zhou Xuhong

College of Civil Engineering

Steel structure & steel and concrete composite structure

E-mail: Tel: 13187057898

Chen Zhengqing

College of Civil Engineering

Non-linear analysis and anti-seismic and wind-resistance research of large-span bridge and structure

Tel: 0731-88821424 E-mail:

Chen Changfu

College of Civil Engineering

1. Slope and foundation excavation engineering 2. Retaining and protecting theory and technology of geotechnical engineering 3. Property of special geotechnical engineering and its foundation treatment 4. Reliability analysis and optimization design o

Tel: (0731)88821660 (O) E-mail:

Chen Zaikang

Chen Youming

College of Civil Engineering

Engineering of heat-supply, gas-supply, ventilation and airconditioning; architectural environment and equipment engineering; architectural technology science

Tel: +86-731-88823515(O) +86-13549687225 Fax: +86-731-88823515 E-mail:

Zou Yinsheng

College of Civil Engineering

Structural engineering; disaster mitigation and prevention engineering; geotechnical engineering

Tel: 0731

Shao Xudong

College of Civil Engineering

Structural research on large-scale and new-type bridge

Tel: 0731-88822221 E-mail:

Su Yonghua

College of Civil Engineering

Mechanism of interation between surrounding rock and supporting structure of underground structures ; optimization method of underground structure ; stability and reliability analysis of geotechnical engineering ; excavation numerical simulation of geotec

Tel: (0731)88821659 Fax: (0731)88822667 E-mail:

Xiao Yan

College of Civil Engineering

Material Property Research of High-Strength Concrete Experimental Research on Aseismatic Design of High-Strength Concrete Structure Mechanical Property of FRP-confined Concrete Research on Anti-seismic and Stabilization Design and Experiment of Concret

Tel: 0731-88821395 E-mail: ,

Shen Pusheng

College of Civil Engineering

Basic Theory of Concrete Structure; Analysis and Design Method of High Building

Tel: 0731-88822382 E-mail:

Wang Mengfu

College of Civil Engineering

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering; Structural Engineering

Tel: 073188821423 E-mail:

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