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Liao Jinzhong

School of Economy & Trade

Applied Economics, Management, Industrial Foreign Trade and Industrial Development, International Investment and Finance, Business Administration and Institutional Innovation

Tel: 0731-88822415; 13618474765 E-mail:

Lai Mingyong

School of Economy & Trade

International Trade and Economic Growth, Logistics Engineering and E-commerce, and System Engineering

Tel: 0731-8684628 E-mail:

Tang Wenjin

School of Economy & Trade

Development Economics, Monetary Policy and Consumption Theory, Trade policy and international investment, and labor value theory

Tel: 0731-8684622(O) E-mail:

Luo Nengsheng

School of Economy & Trade

Institutional Economics, Economic Ethics, and Sustainable Economics

Chen Leyi

School of Economy & Trade

Macro Economics, Market and Liquidity, Japanese Economy

Li Bin

Management Engineering, MIS (Management Information System), Computer Information Management, Econometrics, International Trade, and Operations Research

Li Haizheng

Labor Economics, Econometrics, Industrial Economics, and Chinese Economy

Li Songling

School of Economy & Trade

Macro economics and micro economics, value theory and economic system, and theory of justice and efficiency

Zhang Yabin

School of Economy & Trade

Theory of International Trade and WTO research

Tel: 0731-8684624 E-mail:


Xu Helian

International Trade, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and Economic Growth, multinational corporation investment and trade, economic development of the world and foreign countries, method and application of Econometrics


Liu Huihuang

School of Economy & Trade

International Trade and Western Economics

Tel: 0731-8685271

Shi Heling

Wang Yaozhong

School of Economy & Trade

International Trade theory, International Market and Investment, and schools of Contemporary Western Economics

Tel: 0731-88823682(O) E-mail:

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