Journal of Hunan University (Social Sciences)

Journal of Hunan University (Social Sciences)is a comprehensive core academic periodical in humanities and social sciences. Sponsored by Hunan University and under the charge of China's Ministry of Education, it has won prizes such as "China's Top 30 Academic Journals in Social Sciences" , one of the "First 16 Journals with Famous Columns Construction Programs in China" conferred by the Ministry of Education, and the "Top Ten Periodicals in Social Sciences of Hunan Province". It has been selected as one of the source journals for Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) program.

As a bimonthly periodical,Journal of Hunan University (Social Sciences)is published on the 28th of every odd month. Each issue contains 160 pages and the journal is distributed both at home and abroad, whose distribution codes are 42-181 domestically and DK43009 abroad, and RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is 72 yuan per year. Currently, Journalof Hunan University (Social Sciences)contains such columns as Yuelu Academy and Traditional Culture, Management Science, Language and Literary Studies, Philosophy and History, Journalism and Communication, Law Studies, and so on.

The Flow Chart for Reviewing Paper Submissions to Journal of Hunan University (Social Sciences)

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