Institute of Science and Technology Research

The Institute of Science and Technology Research is an integrated management and service organ in charge of the work relating to science and technology. Its major duties are:

To make overall as well as specific plans for the science and technology development of the university; to formulate and perfect scientific research and management policies; to collect, manage and distribute various scientific and technological information; to gather statistics and analyze research results; to organize award declaration; to manage the intellectual property of the university; to manage the science and technology files of the university; to coordinate and contact with the outside concerning the university's scientific work.

To organize and build research teams; to manage and construct various types of scientific research institutions and key bases; to enhance the improvement of research capacity of the university; and to promote sustainable development of the university’s scientific work.

To organize declaration and implement major national science and technology projects, the 863 program (China's State High-Tech Development Plan) and the 973 program (National Basic Research Program of China), Technology Support Program, industrialization projects and other national projects, grants-supported projects, military projects and other expandable and further explorable projects.

To promote the application of scientific research achievements and the cooperation among the government, enterprises, universities and research institutes; to highlight the role of the university in serving local development.



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