Office of Social Science

Office of Social Science is an integrated function organ under the leadership of the University Party Committee, taking charge of research management of Humanities and Social Science of Hunan University.

Its duties are: to grasp the academic development direction of Humanities and Social Science of Hunan University; to promote the reform and development of Arts disciplines, arts research institutions and research bases of the university; to organize, endeavor for, coordinate and manage various arts research projects at all levels, including comprehensive interdisciplinary research projects between Arts and Science; to organize declaration of Arts research awards of various types at all levels; to carry out statistics gathering on Arts research of the university; to promote domestic and international exchange and cooperation of Arts research; to take responsibility for managing discipline building, research and other related business of Humanities and Social Science.

Director's Office:88821747

Project Management Office:88821860

Research Achievements Office:88822806



  • Address: Lushan Road (S), Yuelu District,

  • Changsha, Hunan Province

  • Zip Code: 410082

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