University-Government Cooperation

Hunan University, making use of its advantages in disciplines and talents as a comprehensive and research-oriented university, takes initiative to match strategic industries - such as equipment manufacturing, modern service, and culture-related industries - and integrates them into the construction of a "Two-Oriented Society" in the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster and regional innovation system. Furthermore, Hunan University actively promotes cooperation between government departments, and provides extensive and in-depth decision-making consulting services as well as intellectual support to the government. The consultations cover a cornucopia of fields, including foreign trade strategy, urban planning, business management, anti-corruption construction, and the spread and innovation of the local Huxiang culture.

Since the start of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan in 2006, Hunan University has signed cooperation agreements with Hunan's municipal governments and local governments in other provinces in order to help promote the comprehensive and responsible development of the areas over which they govern. For example, after the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster was approved as a trial zone for comprehensive reform related to building a "Two-Oriented Society", Hunan University established the interdisciplinary Research Institute of "Two-Oriented Society". The Institute funds research on subjects concerning the construction and development of a "Two-Oriented Society" construction; manages projects related to green indicators, green finance, and green construction; and provides high-level and comprehensive support and services towards the construction of a "Two-Oriented Society" in Hunan Province.

Meanwhile, Hunan University has built the Hunan Provincial English Portal Website which officially launched on October 1st, 2008, and serves as a platform for international exchange and cooperation for Hunan Province and the international community. The website displays Hunan's beauty and charm to the world, publicizes the achievements Hunan has reached during its development, attracts investment and capital to the region, and improves the transparency of government information. This website is a first-rate example of Hunan University's contribution to the construction of a "Two-Oriented Society" and its commitment to responsible industrialization.

Making use of its advantages in finance, economics and trade, business management, Huxiang culture, news media, entertainment, and environmental protection, Hunan University has established a diverse range of research platforms that are gradually growing to become important reserves of ideas, information, and talents.


Hunan University and Chenzhou City sign an agreement for in-depth cooperation.

Hunan University and Xiangtan City work together to push forward the "Two-Oriented Society" construction.

Great progress has been made in cooperation between Hunan University and ethnic minority areas.

Hunan University signs a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement with Xiangxiang City Government.

Hunan University and Yiyang City People's Government sign an agreement for joint construction of Yiyang Vocational College.

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