Notes for Readers

A. For readers of Hunan University, the campus E-card and university emblem are required when entering the library; for other readers, an introduction letter or other valid credentials are required before registration for admission. Those without credentials are not allowed to visit.

B. The readers should behave civilly and be neatly dressed. Those wearing slippers, vests or even no shoes are not allowed to visit the library.

C. Please keep the order in the library. Rush or occupying seats with materials are not allowed.

D. Please be quiet and keep the sound or voice down while walking or talking. No whoopla. Please switch off mobile phones and other communication apparatus when entering stack rooms, reading rooms, or self-study rooms.

E. Keep tidy in the library. No spitting and no littering. Food is not allowed in stack rooms, reading rooms, or self-study rooms.

F. Take care of the books and journals, equipments and all public properties. Don't scribble, damage or hide the books or journals.

G. Don't bring any forbidden items into the library. Smoking and fire are strictly forbidden in the library.

H. In case of an alarming monitor while passing the exit, please voluntarily accept the check by the staff and no uncivilized behaviors or words shall be expected.

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