Book Overdue Policy of HNU Library

1. Readers shall return the books to the library on time, otherwise 0.1 yuan per book per day will be charged as the overdue fine.

2. After borrowing some books from the Reading Room to copy, readers shall return them before the next shift of library staff; otherwise 0.5 yuan per item per shift will be charged as the overdue fine. Books borrowed out under special permission shall be returned within the appointed time, otherwise 1 yuan per book per day will be charged as the overdue fine.

3. The books which are due in summer or winter holiday can be returned within a week after the new semester, otherwise readers shall pay overdue fines.

4. For the readers who cannot return the books on time due to business trips, internship or study in other places, there will be no overdue fines after submitting written documents from certain organizations or working units and getting the permission from the library curator. In case of lost books, fines will be charged for the overdue days before the compensation of the lost books.

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