Sports Venues & Facilities

Sports Hall in the South Campus

The Main GymnasiumThis is a standard basketball venue of 8,840 ㎡and is facilitated with two basketball courts. The gymnasium is equipped with an ultra-large LED display screen four pairs of JBL professional stereos, and the brackets for colored spotlights above the sports courts. With a seating capacity of 2,760, the gym possesses 1,755 fixed seats and 995 mobile ones. Routine basketball training and large-scale intramural cultural and sports activities are held in this gymnasium. A great number of activities, such as the national Fifth Intercity Games Basketball Tournament for Men, the men's final-eight of the Third Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA), Chinese University Basketball Super League (CUBSL), and the Hunan Olympic team meeting with Hunan students, were held here.

Volleyball Venue The two standard volleyball training courts are located at the back of the main gymnasium g and can be used as training and competition venues of volleyball, badminton, and table tennis. Routine volleyball training and intramural volleyball, badminton, and table tennis competitions are held here.

Table Tennis Venue The table tennis venue, situated on the ground floor of the gymnasium, is facilitated with ping-pong tables that meet the standards for international competition. It can be used as training venue for ping-pong amateurs as well as competition venue for large-scale games, such as inter-university table tennis tournaments.

Body Shaping Room Located on the ground floor, the body-shaping room has been applied as the training venue for the school's aerobic team. It is also considered as the paradise for dance and body-building enthusiasts. A variety of aerobics exercises are carried out in the room every night.

Indoor Track and Field Room This room possesses a plastic track of 70 meters, and contains the training venues for pole vault, high jump, and long jump. Martial arts courses for undergraduates, as well as training for high-level athletic teams, are carried out here.

Physical Examination Room It is used as the physical examination site for the undergraduate students of the south campus.

Gymnastics Room The gymnastics room is mainly applied for body-shaping courses for undergraduate students, aerobics exercise, and Tae Kwon Do practice.

Xiong Xiaoge Fitness Studio Donated by the alumnus Xiong Xiaoge, it is equipped with advanced and full-featured fitness equipments. Aerobic courses for undergraduates and the strength training for the high-level sports teams are conducted here.

Sports Hall in the North Campus

The Main Gymnasium It is a standard basketball venue of 7,000 ㎡, which is equipped with an ultra-large LED display screen, four pairs of JBL professional stereos, and brackets for colored spotlights above the sports court. Routine basketball training and large-scale cultural and sports activities are held in this gymnasium, such as the final of the First Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA) League. The gymnasium is also one of the training venues for the men’s basketball team of the university.

Badminton and Table Tennis Gymnasium Several kinds of sports activities could be conducted here, such as ping pong and volleyball. It can also be used as a venue for the track and field training, making itself a multi-functional venue.


Stadium in the South Campus It takes up an area of 16,000 ㎡. Training sessions and competitions for sports such as soccer and track and field could be carried out here. The Chinese Grade B Soccer League Matches was once held here.

Outdoor Basketball Courtsin the South Campus This facility houses several standard basketball courts, where competitions, trainings, and extracurricular activities can take place.

Stadium in North Campus It covers an area of 14,000㎡. Integrating the functions of football competitions, track-and-filed competitions and training sessions, the stadium satisfies the needs of training as well as extracurricular exercises.

Outdoor Basketball Courts in the North CampusWith several standard basketball courts, the sports venue can be used for competitions, training sessions, and extracurricular activities.

Swimming Pool It is a standard swimming pool, which can be used for both training and extracurricular activities.

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