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The 19th Tax Promotion Month Launched in Hunan University


On March 30, the Hunan Provincial Office of State Administration of Taxation and the China Communist Youth League Hunan Provincial Committee grandly held the launching ceremony of the 19th Tax Promotion Month. Based upon the theme of "Tax, Development & People's Livelihood", the lectures on tax knowledge, the composition competition with the theme of "My Tax Story" and many other activities were launched and organized in 32 universities and colleges in Hunan Province to cultivate the students’ awareness of tax payment in accordance with the law.

Since the beginning of this year, all the state taxation institutions in Hunan have been working on tax revenue unswervingly so as to realize the coordinated growth of tax and economy. The state tax revenue in the first two months of this year reached 16,974 billion yuan, an increase of 5.75 billion yuan and up 51.23 %, with the growth rate hitting a new record high in recent ten years. Now the taxation institutions across the province are standing at a new scratch line to make even greater contributions to pushing forward Hunan's great strategy of transforming economic development modes, readjusting the industrial structures, deepening the reform, strengthening the basis and benefiting the people.

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