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"Zhongqi Sedan" Amazes 2010 Beijing Int'l Auto Exhibition






On April 23, the "Zhongqi Sedan", whose intellectual property right is fully owned by Hunan University, amazed the audiences at the 11th Beijing International Auto Exhibition. Hunan University delegation, as the only representative of China's institutions of higher education participated the exhibition. The delegation was led by Liu Keli and Zhong Zhihua, respectively secretary and president of Hunan University.

On the afternoon of the day, a press conference was jointly held by the Publicity Department (Information Office) of the Hunan University CPC Committee and the Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. of the university. Both the "Zhongqi Sedan" and the Four-Wheeled Three-Axis Lunar Vehicle in diamond shape attracted numerous auto fans and media. Zhao Lu, director of the Department of Education, Science and Culture of the Ministry of Finance, as well as Hunan University leaders Liu Keli, Zhong zhihua, Luan Yongyu, Zhang Qiang, Cao Yijia attended the conference.

The "Zhongqi Sedan" was developed with the project of "the Independent Innovation Capacity Building on China's High-Level Automobiles", which is jointly supported by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the Hunan Provincial People's Government and directed by Zhong Zhihua, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Hunan University. The whole automobile as well as the body and chassis of the "Zhongqi Sedan" are self-developed, whose intellectual property right is fully owned by Hunan University. All performance indexes of the whole automobile reach international advanced level and some keep ahead of the international level, especially the characteristics of safety, light-weight, low consumption, low carbon and environmental protection performance attracting wide attention.

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