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HNU Artist Debuts at Hunan Culture Expo in Finland

The “Discover China – Hunan Culture Expo in Finland” raised its curtain in Helsinki, capital of Finland, on June 29 local time. A batch of Hunan cultural products were displayed, including porcelain, embroidery, calligraphy, painting, and tea.

Dean of the Yuelu Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Institute Prof. Wang Deshui was present, and wrote calligraphy works at the site, to share his artistic creations with Finnish audience.


Wang presents his calligraphy works to Mr. Pekka Haavisto, member of the Finnish Parliament, presidential candidate, and former Prime Minister.

The event as a gift in celebration of Finland’s centennial independence was organized by the State Council Information Office and the Chinese Embassy in Finland. Cultural exhibitions, performances, and presentations were held between June 29 and July 3.


Publicity Minister and State Council Information Office Deputy Director Cui Yuying talks with Prof. Wang.

Hunan cultural performances were staged at the opening ceremony, including: Acrobatics “Angry Birds” by Hunan Acrobatic Troupe; “Horse Racing” by Hunan Folk Orchestra and Finnish DJ Rony; Xiangkun stunt “Lu Zhishen Wrecks the Temple Gate” by Hunan Kunqu Opera Troupe actor Liu Yaoxuan ; and Duet “Jasmine” and Finnish songs by Famous Hunan singer Wu Bixia and Finnish show group Semmarit.


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