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HNU Students Win First Prizes in National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest

The 13th National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest concluded in Xi’an on Sept. 1, 2017. HNU team won two first prizes, two second prizes, and “Outstanding Organization Award” in Hunan area.

This is HNU’s first national first prize in such contest over the past decade. Its prize number tops among Hunan’s universities.

Initiated in 1994, the Contest is organized biennially by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, and the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is currently the most influential and recognized contest among Chinese universities, and an important proof of undergraduate training on electronic and information technology innovation. 

A total of 43,218 students in 14,406 teams from 1,066 higher educational institutions participated, an increase of 4,056 over last year and marking the largest-ever participation. After peer review and organization committee review, 268 teams won first prizes, and 575 won second prizes.

HNU team was selected from more than 200 sophomores and juniors. After targeted trainings and evaluations, 35 teams were selected to participate the contest.

List of winners:

National First Prize: Zhu Jian, Xu Jie, Li Zichun (instructors: Zhou Binghang, Ma Ziji)

National First Prize: Zhu Kunzhi, Ding Ziming, Tian Feng (instructors: Li Fuhai, Ma Ziji)

National Second Prize: Zhang Zhenyu, Wang Wei, Chen Ziwei (instructors: Zhou Binghang, Ma Ziji)

National Second Prize: Huang Qinghui, Pu Yunjie, Jiang Zhengting (instructors: Zhou Binghang, Yang Wenzhong)

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