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Confucius Worship Ceremony Held at Yuelu Academy

The ceremony to celebrate the Confucius’ 2568th birthday is held at Yuelu Academy on Sept. 28, 2017.

Three professors provide tributes to the Confucius statue.

Prof. Zhu Hanmin delivers a chanted oration.

Participants read the classic Confucians chapters.

Participants play the ancient musical instruments.

A grand ceremony to celebrate the Confucius’ 2568th birthday was held at Yuelu Academy on Sept. 29, 2017.

Hundreds of teachers and students, as well as visitors from all walks of life gathered in front of the Confucius Temple to attend the ceremony. Secretary and President of the Hunan Academy of Social Sciences Liu Jianwu, inspector of the Hunan Department of Culture Wang Peng, and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hunan University Committee Chen Wei were present.

Dean of Yuelu Academy Prof. Xiao Yongming presided over the ceremony. Yuelu Academy Chinese Culture Research Institution Director Prof. Zhu Hanming, Hunan University Bamboo Slip and Silk Documents Research Center Director Prof. Chen Songchang, and Hunan University Ancient Classics Collection and Research Institution Director Prof. Deng Hongbo, delivered chanted oration and provided tributes.  

Yuelu Academy, a millennial institution of higher education, resumed such centurial Confucius worship ceremony in 2013, and holds it annually. It has become an important part of the Academy’s ritual education.

Yuelu Academy joined the Global Confucius Alliance this July. It will initiate the 2017 Global Confucius Worship Ceremony together with more than 50 domestic and overseas Confucius Temples and Confucianism institutes, such as Qufu Confucius Temple, Beijing Confucius Temple, Taipei Confucius Temple, Hong Kong Confucian Academy, Sungkyunkwan University of South Korea, and the Australian Chinese Culture Centre (ACCC).

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