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Yuelu Academy Attends International Archaeology Conference at Oxford

The Graduate Archaeology at Oxford Annual International Conference was held in Ioannou Center, University of Oxford on March 11 and 12, 2019. Three teachers (Peter Brian Ditmanson, Shi Rongchuan, and Yan Jianfei), and three graduate students (Lu Xiaocong, Li Fang, and Li Zhimo) of Yuelu Academy attended.

The conference aims to establish a platform to showcase research and discussions, and facilitate communications among researchers. This year’s theme was“Cause, process, and impact of interaction in ancient cultures”. Archaeology, classical archaeology, archaeological science andoriental studies scholars from University of Oxford, Heidelberg University, and HNU were present.

HNU students' reports:

Civilization Connections between Southern Silk Road and Ancient Shu Kingdom – Li Zhimo;

Glass-imitated Bronze Vessels in the Han Dynasty – Li Fang

Confucianism in the Enlightenment Period in Europe – Lu Xiaocong

Prof. Ditmanson introduced Yuelu Academy of HNU at the conference, especially its international academic exchanges and international student education. Many participants expressed their expectations to visit Yuelu Academy.

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