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HNU’s Chemistry Discipline Among ESI Global Top 100

TheEssential Science Indicator (ESI) latest data shows that, HNU’s chemistry discipline was ranked among global top 100, for the first time.

The latest201907 data is based on those between January 1, 2009, and April 30, 2019. According to the data, HNU’s chemistry discipline published 4,792 WOS (Web of Science) papers, and the papers have been cited for 98,811 times, which is 5,004 times more than the 201905 data. HNU ranks 100thamong the 1,231 global top 1% institutions in terms of chemistry discipline. The ranking marks HNU’s chemistry discipline has reached international academic standard, and has international influence.

HNU has seven disciplines – chemistry, engineering, materials science, physics, biology and biochemistry, environmental ecology, and computer science – ranking among the global top 1% according to ESI rankings. Chemistry and engineering disciplines are among the global top 1‰. HNU ranks among the world’s top 100 chemistry institutions, and top 100 engineering science institutions.

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