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HNU Students’ Designs Exhibited in Changsha Subway

A creative design exhibition, co-hosted by HNU and Changsha Subway, opened at the passageway to the Exit No.2 in the Changsha Metro Line 4 Hunan University Station on July 1.

A number of traditional Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, and tourist cultural creative works, designed by HNU School of Design students, are displayed. These designs were inspired by common costumes, school supplies, crafts, and playthings, showing the brilliant originality of the designers.

Paper matrix of the mythical creatures on the tails of the ridges in Yuelu Academy.

The paper matrix of the mythical creatures in Yuelu Academy are originated from Shibi – a kind of mythical animal figure that were always placed on the tails of ridges at the four corners in traditional Chinese architectures. Ancient Chinese people believed that such mythical ridge beasts can prevent fire and drive away demons.

The paper matrix is decorated with bright colors in Yuelu Academy, and designed in a cartoonlike way.AR technology is used to show the mythical creature’s unique skills and related introduction through a supporting App, which is particularly favored by kids.

A desk calendar made of Miao embroidery

The Miao embroidery desk calendar integrates the Miao embroidery technique from Shibadong Village in Xiangxi into the font Didot, and is decorated with Chinese dragon and butterfly patterns which imply blessings in Chinese culture.

A Yuelu Mountain three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle

The Yuelu Mountain three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle is in a mountain shape and with Aiwan Pavilion in the center. The designer ingeniously combines verdure in spring, lotus in summer, red maples and sunset in autumn, and white snow in winter, into a whole, to present different enjoyment in different season.

The exhibition will last until July 7.

Yuelu Academy themed kerchiefs

Yuelu Academy couplet themed cups

A fan with HNU Red Building image

Traditional seals

"Animals in a museum"

A painting on display

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