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HNU Electric Racing Team Crowned in FSEC

The 2019 “NIO Cup” Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) concluded in Zhuzhai on November 23. The HNU Electric Racing Team won the champion at the event, and took second prize of the fastest check award; fourth place in marketing presentation; third place incost presentation; third place in linear acceleration; fifth place in endurance racing; second place in battery box design; and first place in weight lightening. The bonus totaled 472,000 CNY. Next year, the team will compete at the Formula Student Germany (FSG) on behalf of China.

A total of 57 electric racing teams and 14 driverless racing teams from 55 higher educational institutions competed in the events of 8 aspects: design presentation, cost and manufacturing analysis, marketing report, figure-8 racing, linear acceleration,high-speed obstacle avoidance, endurance racing, and efficiency test.

The HNU Electric Racing Team is HNU’s second champion in the Formula Student of China (FSC). It was founded in 2007 as “Eagle of Xiaoxiang” team, one of the earliest college student racing teams in China. In 2017, it transferred into an electric racing team. This year is their second participation in the event. The members gained experience from last year’s competition and made full preparations. With a team slogan of “Ever Youthful, Ever Racing”, the team spared no efforts to struggle for their dream, and won themselves such great honor.

HNU’s student racing teams consist of a fuel racing team, an electric racing team, and a driverless racing team. The fuel and driverless racing teams also made good performances in the 2019 FSC.

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