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Hunan University Announces Conditional Reopening

The Central South University, Hunan University, and Hunan Normal University, issued their notices of returning of faculty and students for the spring semester 2020 on May 11. A part of students are allowed to return to the universities.

The Central South University announced that, all faculty would return to work in batches since May 12. The graduating students who have to complete their graduation theses (designs) or clinic internships at the campus, and the medical majors who have to take residencies, can return to register on May 16 and 17. Other students’ returning dates will be informed separately. All students should not return to the university without permission. The continuing education students who have to take classes in the university will be informed about returning by the School of Continuing Education. The faculty and students who are currently outside the Chinese mainland should not return to the university.

The Hunan University notified that, undergraduate and postgraduate graduates could apply for returning starting from May 14. The specific returning date will be informed by the student affairs department and specific colleges to each student. Students of other grades’ should wait for further notifications based on epidemic conditions.

mal University’s notice, beginning from May 20, the graduating students who are in urgent need of taking research experiments or examinations in the university, and themedical postgraduates who have to participate in resident doctor trainings, could apply for returning. The graduating students who will take, or have completed, their thesis defense online are not allowed to return to the university. Beginning from May 25, the students of other grades who are in urgent need of taking research experiments and trainings could apply for returning. Other postgraduate and undergraduate students, and those who are currently outside the Chinese mainland or in high or middle-risk areas, should not return to the university. All graduates will return to the university to fulfill graduation requirements and finish their university-leaving procedures in late June.

Source: enghunan.gov.cn

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