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HNU Opens 2 Courses on iCourse Platform

The Higher Education Press launched its iCourse program recently. The first batch of 193 courses are open on the website, including HNU’s two national outstanding online courses – the Power of Design and the Chinese Ancient Architecture Art.

The 193 courses are organized by the 53 Chinese universities involved in the national "Double First-class" initiative and 7 featured universities. The program aims to provide college students around the world high-quality online courses which are supported by Chinese prominent universities and teachers.

The Power of Design

Instructor: He Renke

Introduction: The Power of Design "is a core foundation course for industrial design students. The objective of the course is to make students understand human history, especially the development and evolution of design since the Industrial Revolution, including various design schools, design styles, famous designers and their works, and the historical conditions of design development. Students need to grasp the direction of industrial design in the future.


The Chinese Ancient Architecture Art

Instructor: Liu Su

Introduction: "Architecture is a history book of stones" and is also an artistic work left by the ancients. Architecture also contains philosophy, politics, religion, literature and art, lifestyle and other spiritual and material cultural contents. Ancient buildings all over the country are not only the precious excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, but also an indispensable part of our sightseeing and rich cultural life today. How do we understand and appreciate ancient buildings when traveling? This requires us to have certain relevant knowledge. This course mainly introduces the general characteristics of Chinese ancient buildings in the form of pictures, explaining various ancient buildings such as palaces, gardens, temples, academies, ancestral halls, guild halls, residential buildings, etc. In short, after studying this course, we can understand and appreciate ancient buildings. This is a popular course for the whole society. People in science, engineering, agriculture and medicine can learn it without papers. Although ancient architecture belongs to the discipline of architecture, this course focuses on popularity, knowledge and interest, and basically does not involve professional and technical issues of architecture.


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