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HNU Innovation Building to Be Put into Use

A handover ceremony for the HNU Innovation Building was held at the Yuelushan National University Science and Technology Town Management Committee on June 18. The building, covering an area of 32,000 sqm, will be put into use soon.

Zhou Zhikai, secretary of the CPC Yuelu District Committee; Zhou Fan, deputy secretary of the CPC Yuelu District Committee and chief of Yuelu District; Luo Yuwu, director of the Yuelushan National University Science and Technology Town Management Committee; and, HNU President Duan Xianzhong and Vice President Xu Guozheng attended the ceremony.

President Duan expressed gratitude to the district government, the town management committee, and related departments for their support to the project. He noted that, the building will be mainly used for a newly-established biomedical science institute, and will have a sharing platform for large instruments on its first floor, which will facilitate talent attraction. The building will become a landmark of the town, and contribute to building a world-class university and regional economy development.

The building was formerly planned to be a Splendid Hunan Culture and Creation Center. With the supports from the Changsha and Yuelu District governments, HNU took over the project on December 30, 2019.

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