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2021 HNU New Year Symphony Concert Staged

The 2021 HNU New Year Symphony Concert was staged at the auditorium on the evening of December 29, 2020. It was performed by the symphony orchestra of the HNU Student Art Troupe. Wu Bo, a young conductor living in U.S.A, conducted the concert. Tang Zhenming, member of the CPC HNU Committee Standing Committee and also director of the HNU Publicity Department, was present at the concert.

A number of classical music pieces were performed, including “Chinese Spring Festival Prelude”; “Flute Concerto in D Major”; “Hungarian Dances 5 & 6”; “Good News from Beijing to Border Villages”; “the Second Waltz”; “Re Ba Dance”; and, “the Blue Danube”. Solos of “Motherland, My Loving Mother”, “Dragon Boat Melody”, and “Liuyang River” were also staged.

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