Hunan University Students Union

Established in 1919, Hunan University Students Union is an organization under the leadership and guidance of the University's CPC Committee and Youth League Committee, providing all the students with a platform for "self-education, self-management, and self-service". It is now a member of the All-China Students Federation (ACSF) and chairman unit of the Hunan Provincial Students Federation.

Following the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, the Students Union thoroughly implements the Scientific Outlook on Development, carries forward and develops the spirit of the school motto "SeekingTruth from Facts and Daring to Take the Lead". Working in accordance with the "Hunan University Students Union Constitution", the Students Union devotes itself to enriching campus culture, safeguarding students' rights and benefits, leading the ideological trend among the young, carrying out various ideological and political work as well as diversified learning, recreational and sports activities.

Hunan University Students Union has set up a presidium as the leading and top decision-making organ, with its members elected by the student congress of the university. The Union consists of ten departments: Secretariat, Academic and Cultural Department, Activity Management Department, News and Information Center, Students' Rights and Benefits Safeguarding Department, Public Relations Department, Campus Work Office, Human Resources Department, Office of Investigation on Youth Ideology, as well as Recreation, Sports and Campus Life Department. In addition, it is in charge of four student organizations----Student Evaluation Committee, Hunan University Youth, Art Troupe of University Students, and Dormitory Management Committee and twenty four college-level branch unions. The Student Union boasts a series of excellent brand activities, such as Debating Competition of College Students, the May-Fourth Speech Contest, Financial Cultural Festival, Scientific and Technological Cultural Festival, Campus Cultural Festival, Sunshine Volunteer, etc.

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