The Union of Hunan University Student Associations

The Union of Hunan University Student Associations (hereinafter as the Union) is a self-governing organization for students' associations in Hunan University. Under the leadership of the Party Committee and the guidance of Youth League Committee of the university, the Union is in charge of the management, coordination and supervision of all students' associations and their activities, acting as a bridge for communication between the university and the associations.

The Union takes "serving its vast number of members wholeheartedly" as the aim and "unified management, correct guidance, serving members, enhancing qualities" as its guiding ideology. Since its establishment in 2001, the Union's development focus has experienced a transition from quantity to quality. And by means of coordinating relationships among associations within and beyond Hunan University, the Union has created a favorable development environment for student associations.

As for the management of associations, according to the actual situation of associations in Hunan University, the Union divides associations of the south campus into the following six categories: literature and art, culture, academic research, social science, sports, and public welfare, and divides that of the north campus into two categories: social science and public welfare, literature and art and sports; each category is under the charge of a deputy chairman respectively. On the basis of coordination of the Union, activities of all associations are in perfect order.

For the sake of internal management, the Union has set up offices, association centers, activity centers, media centers, innovation and business-starting center. The association center comprises evaluation department, rights and benefits department, and information department; the activity center is consisted of liaison department, practice department, activity department, and literary and artistic department; the media center consists of news department, publicity department, and production department; and the innovation and business-starting center comprises project department, recourses department, and investigation department. All departments coordinate and help with one another.

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