College Students' Art Troupe of Hunan University

As an arts group under the direct leadership of the Communist Youth League Committee of Hunan University, the College Students' Art Troupe of Hunan University was founded in 1988.

The Art Troupe is made up of seven subordinate branches: the Dancing Team, the Instrument Team, the Singing Team, the Chorus Group, the Military Band, the Etiquette Team, the Folk Arts Team, and the Electroacoustic Band.

As an indispensable main force, the Dancing Team participated in a number of performances in the university, giving wonderful performances in solo dancing, leading dancing and accompanying dancing.

The Instrument Team in the Art Troupe deals with folk art, and is made up of talented students having specialty in instruments including the traditional Chinese instruments such as Erhu (the two-stringed Chinese fiddle), Guzheng, and Pipa, and western musical instruments like violin and flute.

Boasting pleasant folk style singing and elegant bel canto singing, the Singing Team brings great enjoyment to the audiences in all competitions and performances.

The Chorus Group was founded in March 2009 with the members of undergraduates from thirty colleges in Hunan University. To enrich the campus life and improve all-round development for students has become the target of the group.

Founded in September 2007, the Military Band is the first military band set up by national defense students in China.

Devoting itself to the culture construction of Hunan University, the Etiquette Team is an important part of the Art Troupe of the University's Communist Youth League Committee and plays a key role in propagating and improving the image of Hunan University since its establishment.

Founded in October 2009, the Folk Art Team consists of active members who show great zeal for performing arts and are ready to make contributions to the activities organized by the Communist Youth League Committee of the university. Most of the members are excellent students from College of Broadcasting, Film and Television Arts and Maka Theatre of Students' Association Union.

Officially founded on October 26th, 2009, the Electroacoustic Band is the youngest team in the Art Troupe. It is passion, vitality, enthusiasm for music and the pursuit for dream that bring the team members together.

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