Postgraduate Student' Union of Hunan University

Under the leadership of the CPC Hunan University Committee and the guidance of the Communist Youth League Hunan University Committee, Postgraduate Students' Union of Hunan University is a mass organization providing all postgraduate students a platform for assisting teaching, research, and the management of the campus. It serves as a bridge linking all the postgraduates together and is also the presiding unit of the Postgraduate Students Working Committee of the provincial Students Federation.

The aim of the postgraduate students' union is: adhering to the guiding theory of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of Three Represents; thoroughly implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development; uniting and conducting all the postgraduates to study industriously, practice diligently, and take physical exercises hard for all-round development.

The postgraduate students' union works initiatively and responsibly with enthusiasm. It plays an active role in campus management, interactive rights protection of postgraduates, academic exchanges, social practice, and recreational and sports activities while promoting exchanges among postgraduates, society and the university, which enriches the campus life of postgraduate students. Upholding the concept of "Innovating with science and technology, starting business for public welfare, upgrading theoretical level for self improvement, and safeguarding rights and benefits wholeheartedly", the postgraduate students' union brings the enthusiasm of all postgraduates into play, continues to improve the ideology and ethics as well as the scientific and cultural qualities of the postgraduates, and promotes the developments of academic activities, scientific research, and other social programs. With the aggressive pioneering spirit and the down-to-earth work style, the union is playing an positive role in cultivating postgraduate students into innovative talents, meeting the needs of socialist construction and the reform and opening-up.

The highest authority of Postgraduate Students' Union of Hunan University is Postgraduate Students' Congress with Representative Standing Committee as its permanent organization. The union comprises the following branches to perfect its mechanism: the general office, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Press and Publicity Center, Center for Social Practice, Rights and Interests, Center for External Relations, Network Construction Center, Career Planning and Education Center, Postgraduates Newsletter Editorial Office, Sub-union for Doctors, and so on.

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