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A Brief Introduction to the Sponsored by the Publicity Office of the CPC HNU (Hunan University) Committee, Hunan University News (www.news.hnu.cn), a news website featured by local culture, began its operation in July, 2003 and had its first comprehensive facelift in January, 2008. The website serves as a window to know about the University with one thousand year history as well as a stage to showcase Hunan culture.

The objectives of Hunan University News (HUN) are: to fully report the dynamic development of Hunan University, to promote the information exchanges on and off campus, to serve all the staff and the students so as to display the distinctive Hunan culture, as well as to build up a campus culture brand for Hunan University.

Based on the network, Hunan University News (HUN) not only fully covers the significant activities, key achievements, typical figures and the latest constructions of the university, but also imparts important information about higher education home and abroad to the audience on and off the campus by means of text, picture, video and audio.

The sub-pages of Hunan University News, loaded with a variety of news resources such as Hunan University Newspaper, Hunan University TV, Webcast, has become the integrated carrier of news media within the university.

During the two years after its facelift, HUN has been browsed for nearly 3,000,000 times, and receives more than 80 manuscripts per day. Therefore, HUN becomes the existing news media of Hunan University which releases the most news at the fastest speed with the largest participation of the staff and students.

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